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Grey structure checklist items

  1. Marked on the plot for the foundation.
  2. Excavation of foundations as per foundation drawing specifications
  3. Foundation termite protection
  4. P.C.C (plain concrete cement) with gravel according to project duration
  5. Foundation brickwork up to DPC
  6. Base Sage Treatment.
  7. Completion of the superstructure with masonry up to dal
  8. Front and back wall with ground floor and first floor
  9. Door frame includes (GI) steel
  10. R.C.C slab lentils include removable steel structures.
  11. On the brickwork of the first-floor superstructure as above
  12. Sense of height according to 3D front view
  13. All underground electric pipeline work.
  14. All plumbing sewerage work as required
  15. Plasterwork inside and outside the building and house, including frame wall
  16. Includes frame wall for outdoor work without additional charges.
  17. Metal Safety Girls included.
  18. All tanks contain sewage water.
  19. Installation of metal doors


No extra or hidden charges for outdoor work or perimeter walls.

Only the slab will be measured. No additional charges for window blinds and underground and high water tanks.

A + quality material will be used for gray frame items.

Turnkey Project

Turnkey Project: Full house construction with gray texture and finish. Starting at 3500 / sqft with all materials and labor Finishing Items Checklist

Turnkey Finishing Items Checklist

  1. Finishing in addition to the ceiling; Elegant custom design by professionals.
  2. electrical wiring
  3. Tile or marble floor ceiling
  4. Marble slabs in stairs and kitchens
  5. Metal railings on the stairs.
  6. Layer flat on food if needed
  7. Filler putty base on the walls.
  8. All semi-solid wood doors) except for the front door (solid front door)
  9. UV or frosting in front of the laminated sheets back box as decided.
  10. Cabinet Plus Plasma Clothing in T.V Lounge as decided (Laminated Sheet)
  11. The kitchens will also include laminate sheets, back boxes, and solid wood front panels.
  12. Ceramic floor and wall tiles.
  13. marble slab
    Chrome hardware and accessories such as Sonics/Master as desired.
  14. Designed with hood (laminated solid wood front)
  15. stainless steel sink
  16. Range of tiles for bathrooms
  17. marble vanities
  18. bathroom accessories
  19. bathroom accessories 
  20. Chrome straps and hardware
  21. Glass showers / mass design
  22. Autumn lights on the ceiling
  23. switch plates
  24. luxury wall lamps
  25. Flashlight in the drawing
  26. Exterior lights / perimeter wall / door
  27. Outside marble; Garage roof, alley.
  28. Plastic emulsion paint on walls and distiller on top
  29. Polish and Elfen varnish panel and woodcarving design.
  30. Outdoor giraffe/weather sheet
  31. Girls and metallic paint on the door and railing.
  32. Aluminum windows